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I am a San Antonio-based freelance science journalist. I write about biology, medicine, and STEM workforce and training issues. My work has appeared in Science, Nature, Scientific American, Quanta, Undark, PNAS Front Matter, Smithsonian.com, The Atlantic.com, Science Careers, and other places. I also write for federal clients and scientific non-profits. Recent clients include Texas Biomedical Research Institute, American Physiological Society, National Cancer Institute, National Institute for General Medical Sciences, and the Foundation for the NIH.

I was a Churchill Scholar at Cambridge University, where I studied early tetrapod fossils in the lab of Jenny Clack. I earned my PhD in Fred Nijhout’s lab at Duke University and received an NIH-F32 NRSA postdoctoral fellowship at Arizona State University. My PhD dissertation and postdoctoral research focused on body size regulation and the effects of oxygen on insect growth and development.