2015 AAAS Science and Policy Fellowship Semi-Finalist

2014 CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Fellowship Semi-Finalist

2013 NSF Integrative and Organismal Systems grant (senior personnel)

2013 NIH-NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship

2011 Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid

2010 Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid

2009-2010 Fellowship from the Duke Center for Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences

2006 Winston Churchill Scholarship for study at Churchill College, Cambridge, U.K.

2006 Fulbright Fellowship (declined to accept the Churchill Scholarship)

2006 & 2008 NSF Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Honorable Mention

2006 elected to Phi Beta Kappa

2006 elected to Sigma Xi

2006 Phi Beta Kappa Prize for the best honors work done that year at Mount Holyoke

2006 Kathryn Stein Prize for the best honors work in biological sciences

2002 Mount Holyoke Leadership Scholarship (four-year undergraduate scholarship)

Travel and Training

2015 National Association of Science Writers (NASW) Travel Fellowship

2015 Mount Holyoke College Class of 1905 Fellowship

2012 GIFT Travel Fellowship from ASU’s School of Life Sciences

2010 Sally Hughes-Schrader Travel Grant from Mount Holyoke College

2010 Graduate Travel Fellowship from the Duke University Graduate School

2009 Landhal Travel Fellowship from the Society of Mathematical Biology

2009 Graduate Travel Fellowship from the Duke University Graduate School

2008 Morgan-Adams Travel Fellowship from Mount Holyoke College