Postdoc (2011–2013)
School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
NIH F32 National Research Service Award Fellowship
Advisor: Jon F. Harrison

Ph.D., Biology (2011)
Department of Biology, Duke University, Durham, NC
Thesis: Respiratory physiology and the initiation of molting in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta
Thesis Advisor: H. Frederik Nijhout

M.Phil., Zoology (2007)
University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge University, U.K.
Winston Churchill Scholar
Thesis: Comparative ontogeny of the humerus of the Devonian tetrapods Ichthyostega and Acanthostega
Thesis Advisor: Jennifer A. Clack

A.B., Biology, Summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa (2006)
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA
Mount Holyoke Leadership Scholar
Thesis: Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Morphological Variation in Four Species of Endemic Tanganyikan Gastropods
Thesis Advisors: Stan Rachootin and Ellinor Michel

Baccalauréat Français: Série Scientifique (2002)
Lycée Rochambeau – French International School, Bethesda, MD